The New MS

You already know what the Sikaflex MS Sealant is, but do you know what the Sikaflex-123 MS Bond aka the MS Bond is? 

Most builders are already users of our Sikaflex MS sealant and know what a quality product it is. Now we have this new MS… Sikaflex-123 MS Bond (MS Bond to its friends) which is an adhesive and sealant in one. So what are you going to love about it? The adhesive is very strong, yet the elasticity of the sealant ensures a very durable connection, AND it will bond to just about every building substrate, even the more elusive bitumen, damp concrete and most plastics. Sounds like a winner to us – give it a go!


What is a sick home?

A sick home may in short make its occupants and household furniture sick over time.

Cold and humid homes give the ideal living conditions to contaminants like fungi, (black) mould and dust mites. All of these have been linked to the development of asthma, respiratory diseases, cardiac problems and allergic reactions.

Making sure your home is healthy should not just be a priority for rental homes. It should be a priority for all homes as cold and humid conditions – aside from taking a toll on human health – also cause extra and untimely expenditures for replacements of furniture and renovations.

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HYDRA Underlay

A part of the Marshall Weatherization System, Hydra Roof Underlay and Hydra Floor Underlay ensure weather tight construction solutions for commercial and residential constructions.

The underlays are synthetic, but synthetic does not exclude breathability, and these underlays are also breathable. Moreover, they are fire retardant! The underlays are suitable for timber and steel constructions as well.

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BuildLink Recipes

We are proud to present the BuildLink recipes – for the first time ever! We are proud to present not only one, but two recipes, one of them supplied from our Premium Supply Partner, Ampelite.

Tuna with Mango Asparagus Salsa


A sumptuous tuna dish consisting of quick fried tuna with a crisp and sweet salsa. Some would perhaps not call it a salsa, but we figure that if Salsa Verde is salsa, then this is too! The sweet mango compliments the fresh asparagus and intense red onion very well.

We have made it for New Year’s Eve as something a little flash – or it can be down-dressed for a casual situation. The salsa is versatile and works well with a variety of dishes.

This is a must make.

Basil Pesto Snapper with Roast Tomatoes and Crushed Lemon and Herb Potatoes


A dish supplied by our Premium Supply Partner, Ampelite. We hear this is a favourite on their dinner table. Fresh baby potatoes with crushed lemon and herbs – potentially dill – makes this dish a winner on the dinner table in no time.

The basil pesto gives the fish a really tender taste and ensures that it does not dry out while in the oven. It is a very customisable dish, so you can replace the pesto with another – and even the fish with a different type if you would like.

We think this is the perfect spring dinner dish!

If you make either of them, we would love to see them, so please tag them with #buildlinkrecipes on social media!

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Sticks Building Supplies

Based in Rosedale on the North Shore, we find Sticks Building Supplies. Sticks Building Supplies have been a member of BuildLink Group Limited since its beginning.

We sat down with the owners of Sticks Building Supplies, Greg Nash and Josh Watts, in the beginning of June. Greg Nash is a veteran in the building industry drawing on more than 30 years’ experience. Josh started as a driver (the best, according to Greg) with Sticks Building Supplies, but is now co-owner with Josh. While the car keys are not exercised much these days, Josh states that he is quite happy with the administrative side of the business.

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Smarter Products for Safer, Healthier Homes

Thermakraft is always looking for ways to create smarter products, locally made to fit local conditions. The Thermakraft One Wrap System consists of 10 products – one solution ready to make your home safer and healthier.

Thermakraft is New Zealand’s leading provider of premium wall and roof underlay products among others. Actually, they’re the only New Zealand manufacturer of synthetic wall and roof underlays, which are designed specifically to comply with the New Zealand building code and the unique climate.

Thermakraft has achieved ISO9001 accreditation, and their products come with a 15 year warranty. This ensures that the products you use in your home are of very high quality. The One Wrap System is a unique, integrated solution designed specifically to assist with control of air and moisture in your home.

Whether it is a new build or a renovation, check in with your local BuildLink store to hear what Thermakraft products can do for you.

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