A Quiet Home is a Good Home

CSR Bradford’s range of thermal and acoustic insulation products cater to almost every insulation need you may have. However, do you know why it is important to ensure that your home is quiet?

Beside the more obvious benefits of reducing noise between rooms and outside, securing a warmer home and consequently a lowered energy bill, there are health benefits to it as well.

According to CSR Bradford’s website, noise has the ability to raise stress, disrupt sleep and generally cause a lower quality of life. Bradford Gold is also Sensitive Choice® approved, meaning it is allergy and asthma friendly!

If you wish to ensure a quieter and peaceful home environment, it may be well-worth checking out Bradford Acoustic Gold:

“CSR Bradford’s Acoustic Gold is a product that provides superior acoustic insulation benefits with added thermal benefits to make your home more comfortable.

The minimisation of noise has become a significant environmental issue in an increasingly noisy world. At home, work or on holidays, we all value our peace and quiet. Acoustic Gold dramatically reduces unwanted noise transfer through walls and between floors, allowing you to create the peace and quiet we all want to enjoy.”

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